Google Summer of Code

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Christian Fischer
Tags: gsoc2016

I had the good luck to be accepted into Google’s Summer of Code this year.

That means I’ll be spending this summer working with the Open Bioinformatics Foundation on the GeneNetwork project; I will be embedding the BioDalliance genome browser into GeneNetwork, mainly by developing an API that will manage communications between the GN backend and the BD frontend.

Here’s a rough week-by-week schedule, which I will hopefully manage to stick to:

  1. Add an R/QTL genotype track to BD
  2. Serve R/QTL from Elixir backend/API to BD
  3. Serve JBrowse-JSON formatted SNP density track from backend, add track to BD
  4. Tests and documentation
  5. Serve track using DAS
  6. Tests and documentation
  7. Add QTL map track
  8. Tests and documentation, add bedGraph format support to BD
  9. Embed BD in GeneNetwork site
  10. Continue embedding work
  11. Add further functionality to BD, further communication between BD/GN.
  12. Continue work from week 11.

Updates will be posted here, and I can be reached by as well as on the GeneNetwork and BioDalliance mailing lists.